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How does pricing work?

The idea with pricing is to split it between family members so it’s reasonable and cost-effective. This is not a subscription-based service; your Family Book website is yours to keep.

Scanning and editing photos can add up to a lot of work so I’ve tried to keep pricing flexible. You can even upload and edit photos yourself if you wish. You can always add more photos in future—either yourself or through contacting me to commission more photos.

Can I scan photos in myself?

Sure, just drag the ‘How many photos would you like me to scan?’ slider to 0 on the calculator. Your Family Book website is completely editable, so you can upload photos yourself.

However, I would recommend you get them professionally scanned. There are a few reasons I’ve added scanning as a service:

  • Phone apps like Google PhotoScan are cool but they scan at a lower resolution, which isn’t great when looking at older photos on a computer
  • Scanning in photos is time-consuming and you need to make sure you have the right settings enabled

I have access to an industrial-sized flatbed scanner with 600pdi resolution (the recommended for paper photos is 300dpi). All the photos on this site were scanned using this scanner.

How does payment work?

  1. I’ll invoice you
  2. Family members will need to organise money between themselves
  3. You’ll make a single payment to the bank details on my invoice. I’ll then start working on your book! :)

I plan on adding a payment button to this site eventually to make things smoother.

How does postage work?

You’ll need to arrange postage yourself. Unfortunately, I will not accept any responsibility for losses in transit, so I strongly suggest you use a reliable recorded delivery service.

I understand your photos are precious so you’re welcome to drop your photos off to me if you don’t mind travelling (I’m based near Crystal Palace in South London). I’m also happy to pick the photos up for free if you live in South London.

With regards to sending the photos back to you—I’ll send them back using Royal Mail’s recorded delivery service, or your preferred courier. You’ll need to transfer me the money for the postage costs before I return your photos. So, unless you’re dropping them off or I’m picking them up:

  • You pay to send
  • I pay to return (but invoice you the amount)

How can I access my Family Book?


  • It’ll be stored online for free for a year
  • You’ll then get a free copy of it to view on your computer
  • If you want to keep it online you’ll need to choose a hosting option (details below)


Since Family Book works like a standard website, if you want to view, share and edit it online it’ll need to be ‘hosted’ on a server, just like any other website.

  • I’ll host your Family Book on my server for free for the first year, so you can share the ‘book’ with your family and friends and edit it online from any computer connected to the internet.
  • After the first year I’ll give you a backed-up version of your Family Book that you can keep on your computer.
  • If you still want to access and edit your book online you have a couple of options:
  1. You can host your Family Book on a web server yourself. Ask around your family—you might already have access to a server if you have your own business or family website. This typically costs around £5 a month / £60 a year (more details below).
  2. I can continue to host your Family Book for you. If you hate dealing with anything technical you can pay me to continue to take care of hosting. I charge £5 a month / £60 per year to host a Family Book for you. This is the easy route.

How can I host the site myself?

For my Family Book, I’m not interested in making money off a repeat subscription, I’d rather just build you something that you can keep. So if you enjoy DIY you can buy cheap hosting yourself but I’ll need to be relatively familiar with the hosting ‘environment’ so I can install Family Book on your server. I can work with:

  • Siteground — my preferred choice currently
  • Bluehost

If you have already purchased hosting please let me know what hosting platform you’re using so I can check out whether I can work with it (the website technology has some pre-requisites, and I won’t work with unethical hosts like GoDaddy).

I will not work with:

  • GoDaddy — an unethical, sexist company
  • 1 & 1 — a web developer’s nightmare :(

What are the actual prices?

Are the sliders not fun enough for you? ;) pffft, ok then! This is how the final price is calculated:

  • Cost of the website = £215
  • Cost of the software licence = £60
  • Cost of the first 50 photos scanned = £1.50 each
  • Cost of more than 50 photos scanned = £1 each
  • Cost of editing photos = £2.50 each

Are there different plans?

Pricing will eventually be two-tiered. The additional tier will include some advanced features like showing relationships between family members. I’m currently still developing these features. If you like the look of these features you’ll be able to upgrade by paying the price difference.

The basic version will still work great and will probably be enough for most people.

Do you have a demo?

Not quite yet. I’m about halfway through building my own Family Book, so I’ll have a demo soon.