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What is this?

Family Book is a website for your favourite old photos, scanned at high resolution, re-touched, and presented beautifully for generations to come.

They say every idea has a story, so what’s mine?

In 2018 I sat down for a cup of tea with grandma and went through all her old photo albums. To my amazement, I quickly realised they dated back to the early 1900s, and I had no idea who half the people in the books were. Grandma knew all the stories though, and so we sat there for hours pouring over them. I was elated at the discovery but sad that not many people knew about the albums or the stories behind them.

So I scanned all the photos into my computer at high resolution, re-touched them, and started building a website. I loved going through the physical books but I soon realised that a website is so much more than a photo album—I could fix and retouch the photos, view them in different orders, zoom in and read the story behind each photo, filter photos based on certain people, and much more.

The more I worked on the project, the more I enjoyed it. I became a little obsessed with it!

Halfway through putting my own album together, it occurred to me that other families would probably love to do the same but don’t have the time or knowledge to make something. So I decided to make Family Book.

All the photos on this website are of my family, I hope you find them fascinating.

What are the features?

Check out the features listed on the homepage. This is not a final list but it’ll give you an idea of where I’m going.

Can everyone else see my photos?

If you like! By default, you’ll be able to access your Family Book at

Your book won’t be listed anywhere but you can share this address between family members and friends. I can also make your Family Book on a custom domain e.g., which you’ll also be able to share around.

If you want your site on the internet but password protected, that’s no problem. You can also keep your Family Book offline.